Dental Ceramic Studio
Porcelain crowns and bridges

We make porcelain crowns and bridges on different kind of bases, depending on individual needs:

  • Chrome and cobalt
  • IPS e.max all ceramic system that covers all indications ranging from thin veneers to 12-unit bridges. Restorations made of IPS e.max demonstrate both high esthetics and high strenght.
  • gold
  • on different kind of implants

Highly recommended material is CERCON. All ceramic solutions thanks to properties of zirconium oxide have wide range of applications:
Crowns: on normal teeth, dead teeth, on root posts (also on metal), on implants
classic and inlay bridges

- optimal optic properties;
- dedicated Elephant ceramic in a wide colour spectrum.

Strength and precision:
- resistance to biting forces and breaks 800- 900 N;
- resistance to cracks;
- we use technology CAD/ CAM while scanning, projecting and milling the structure;
- optimal marginal tightness.

Easy cementation:
- resin modified glasionomer cement without etching.